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Love Your Planet has a development team that
provides ongoing momentum, as well as assistance to students.


Lukasz Bednarek, Developer 


From the sixth iteration of BCIT student teams to work with LYP, Lukasz came aboard and works as a full-stack software developer for LYP’s development team.

He brings knowledge of full-stack application development, implementations of programming techniques, and enthusiasm to LYP. He contributes by crafting design documents, designing mockups, and programming for the mobile application.


Lukasz has always loved nature, so when he found an opportunity through BCIT to help the effort of sustainably maintaining the planet with LYP, he lunged at the chance to do so.

Roswell  Doria, Developer 


Ross joined Love Your Planet through BCIT's industry sponsored project program as a full stack software developer. He contributes to design, documentation, maintenance and implementation of new features to Love Your Planet's mobile application.


He had spent many years growing as a boy scout in his early years and has a strong appreciation for the earth and the concept of sustainability.


He had found the opportunity with Love Your Planet to share his love for software development and the Earth with others.


Xiang (Sean) Zhu, Developer 


With the sixth iteration student development team, Sean decided to join LYP permanently as an ongoing developer. 

He contributes by designing mockups, implementing the new features for the mobile applications and debugging the existing features.


Sean is so grateful to have this opportunity to contribute to LYP. He decides to stayed with this project until it is fully finished.

Jashanpreet Singh, Developer 


Jashan joined LYP through the Industry Sponsored Project from BCIT as a full stack software developer for the development team of the LYP foundation. He contributes to all kinds of tasks related to the development of the Love Your Planet mobile application, which include but are not limited to design, documentation, implementing of new features, and fixing bugs in the existing code base.


Sharing the common love for nature and making Earth more sustainable, Jashan saw this opportunity as his chance to contribute to a greater cause and stayed with LYP after the Industry Sponsored Project was over.

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