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Elizabeth McKay, Co-Founder

Elizabeth is a Senior Technical Communications consultant. For over twenty years she has worked in software development, manufacturing, engineering, and risk management. Elizabeth specializes in writing clear communications, such as procedures, user guides, requirements, articles, financial reporting and UX writing. Elizabeth also designs user interfaces, logos, and websites. Elizabeth excels in writing, editing, and design for the purpose of clear communications, saving costs in miscommunication, easing comprehension, and improving morale.

In 2012, she took a Stanford Massive Open Online Class, "Designing New Learning Technology," and joined the green team. During the group project, Elizabeth first conceptualized Love Your Planet.  

Chris Howerton, Director of Development
Chris began his studies in computer engineering in 1971, so he has many interesting stories about changing technology over 50 years.
Chris designed BeLooped ( BeLooped is a secure communication system (and much more) ideally suited for use in schools; we think of it, ethically, as the anti-Facebook.

Chris has worked with Discovery Software since 1984. Projects include:

  • Student Information System (SIS) reporting for various provinces (Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario) and 34 states. 

  • a rubric-based grading system that was chosen by the University of Phoenix. It is also used for teacher evaluation in many U.S. states.

Also, Chris was a teacher and math department head for Langley School District for over six years.

Loretta Farrell, Co-Founder

Loretta is an accomplished Systems Administrator and Help Desk Analyst with extensive experience in the IT industry. She provides effective and reliable management of IT projects, enterprise data centers, servers, helpdesk response and software applications. A professional team player, positive communicator, and creative problem solver, Loretta has a proven ability to work with global teams and a passion for providing customer satisfaction.

In 2017, Loretta and Elizabeth began discussing Elizabeth's vision for Love Your Planet. Loretta has been a key advisor for Love Your Planet ever since, providing realistic business direction along with insight and imagination towards growth and practical solutions.

Bryce Daynard, Director of Marketing and Technology

Before graduating from the Computer Systems Technology program at BCIT in 2022, Bryce received a Bachelor of Business Administration (Marketing) from Simon Fraser University in 2020. He is now employed with Conexiom as a software engineer.

As a mentor, Bryce is an effective spokesperson for students. For example, Bryce advises how LYP infrastructure will impact student teams, advises on requirements by suggesting sales strategies, and shares his knowledge and experience of student associations.

Bryce also developed many of LYP's unique features that will assist end users to counter climate change, and moved LYP code development closer to launch.

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